Naagars are believed to be one of the oldest of the Brahmin groups found primarily in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Malwa and in states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar even as far as Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh in the north, West Bengal in the east and Karnataka in the south.

This website is for prudence endeavor art, devotion, velour and foresight that naagars inherit. They cannot afford to sail on old oars. A scientific, progressive outlook, heroic endeavor, deep, scholastic study, and an outgoing compassion for fellow naagars - this and much more is the requirement of the day.

We are making only a small beginning. It is up to the naagars to contribute to the progress of the website in whatever way they wish - be it through articles, literature, suggestions, write-ups, hints, messages, or just light hearted snap shots - that would please our elders, engage our youngsters and amuse our young ones. Our girls, ladies, and moms co-partner this endeavor.

We understand that the students need counseling and help. The youth jobs, career progression and life partners; the middle aged some entertainment, some knowledge and some relief; while those advanced in life are keen to communicate. All want some outing. Some travel, some sight-seeing, some sports, some fellow-feeling, some hints on a better live and of course, and your time - some time - some times.

Thanks and Jay Hatkesh

By - Kamalkant Vinodray Jhala